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[The 12th of July, 2006]

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Hi there everyone! I am new, not to Harry Potter Fandom, but to your community :)

I was hoping perhaps that some of you wouldn't mind taking a look at a non-fiction story that I am working on that indirectly pertains to HP?

That may not sound clear enough, so let me rephrase.

I do not know how many of you know the MsScribe story, although i do highly suggest that you read it. Since I remember the majority of the stuff going on there, it got me to thinking about why i bounced out of active fandom for a good two years and the decisions that made me come to that. Essentially, it is an essay about one fandom writer's awkward rise and very hard fall out of fandom - and why she is coming back and wishes to celebrate the last book in style :).

I have the first chapter started and would appreciate feedback - whether or not I should continue, if you would read it if you came across it, whether or not you newbies find it fascinating etc. Eventually I hope to post it on Fiction Alley's ink pot and perhaps other places to. In the meantime, any feed back would be appreciated :)

below I have posted a few paragraphs from the first chapter:

Read more...Collapse )

Mods, if this isn't okay, please let me know and I will remove it post haste :)

Thanks you guys!

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[The 8th of January, 2006]

[ mood | blank ]

This community is very dead...

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Fanfic Group/ RPG [The 9th of August, 2005]


I just wanted to extend an invitation to anyone interested in writing fan fic in the HP universe but want a bit of a challenge.

hputt is a writing group focusing on the era of the second world war. Each writer focuses on the story from their character's point of view, much like an RPG, but unlike an RPG we expect people contribute short stories, and sections of prose, not post rapid fire live journal thoughts. The group is open to monitor as well if you want to just watch how the stories unfold, and comment on the writing, the plot etc. We are planning on starting up this week, but will welcome new writers anytime. Just read the info section on the group for details.

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